3 BMW Repairs You Should Let The Experts Handle

3 BMW Repairs You Should Let The Experts Handle

BMW is a classy car and owning it is a real privilege, but it also one of the most complex cars you will come across. In the event your BMW breaks down or malfunctions, you will have to make a decision — should you perform a DIY repair or should you let the experts handle it?

With a BMW, do you really want to take any chances? We hope you said, “Yes” because there are some BMW repairs that only experts are qualified to handle. Here is a list of five repair jobs that signal that it is time to call in the experts:

1.      Transmission

Repairing the transmission of a BMW is no easy job. In fact, it is one of the most complex jobs to undertake. However, for the experts, they can perform this job in their sleep. You need to several years of experience in repairing and replacing transmissions. Bring your car to Thurston County Transmissions and we will replace and rebuild your BMW’s transmission.

2.      Timing Belt

Generally, timing belts lifespan is anywhere from 60,000 to 70,000 miles. If the timing belt breaks, your BMW will be in a rough condition. Let’s put it this way — without the timing belt, your car will fall apart. Even though you can repair the belt yourself, the process to reach it is difficult.

You need to dismantle your BMW’s engine to get to the timing belt. We ask:  Why go through all that trouble when you have professional mechanics that can easily repair your timing belt by quickly dismantling your engine and putting it back together.

3.      Suspension Component

The suspension component of the BMW is extremely complex in nature so it is best to avoid repairing and replacing yourself. If you are unable to repair the suspension component correctly, it can lead your car to get out of control on the roads. You may find yourself in a bad and most possibly, a dangerous situation than before.

Thurston County Transmissions has several years of experience in working with a variety of different cars, including BMWs. There’s no problem we cannot fix so bring your car in for an inspection.

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