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Dear Sirs, Let me begin by saying I do not take this lightly. I am staking my word on the same. Otherwise it is nothing less than cheap flattery. In Aug of 1991 I had the engine replaced in my 1983 GM van. At this time I also had Thurston County Transmission rebuild my transmission. Oct 1993 the transmission failed due to a fractured internal component. At this time you rebuilt the transmission at no cost. I was shocked to say the least. I expected to pay for something. December 1995 I had the engine replaced for a second time. This time I had a 6.2L diesel replaced with a 350 cu. in. gas engine which required the transmission to also be reworked. Again it was at no cost. Unbelievable! I would have felt great getting a $200.00 bill, but once again you said "No Charge." I have been MORE than a little pleased with the transmission since the first rebuild. What is far more refreshing is to find someone in business today whose word is completely trustworthy. Thanks again for a GREAT JOB. (1996)

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Don N

I wanted to take the time to express my appreciation for the quality help that I received when I brought my 93 Lincoln Town Car in for a service. As it turned out , there was nothing wrong with the transmission. There was no charge for the time and effort that was put into ascertaining the difficulty with my vehicle. I sincerely appreciated the time that was spent looking at my car to help me understand the nature of the problem and giving me the knowledge as to where to take it to be repaired. Unfortunately, the service that I received from your establishment is not typical in today's market place. It was a welcomed encounter. As opportunity arises to recommend your business, I will do so without any hesitation. Thank you for the quality support that I received. (1999)

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Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you,thank you!!!! We could say that a thousand times and it still wouldn't adequately express our gratefulness for all your effort and quality repair work performed on the transmission and drive train components in our van. From the beginning of our association with TCT, you listened to us, to the description of our van's problems, and to the frustrations we'd had with "service shops." You realized that, although you had nothing to do with previous work performed on our van, you had the difficult task of rebuilding a new customer's trust in "repair shops" that was destroyed by the inept, shoddy work and management of two previous "repair shops." Your diagnosis and estimates were realistic and your effort to walk a "Saturday Mechanic" through your findings and proposed resolutions was greatly appreciated. The work performed was top-quality; the follow-up care and contacts have also been top-quality. Your support to your mechanics should also be commended. By thoroughly trusting in them, you provide and added assurance and security to your customer that the work is being done right. In short, for TCT the "proof really is in the pudding" as you repeatedly proved by sticking to your word, by sticking to your original estimate, only amended by approved additions from us, by providing quality work, and by us not having to bring our van back again and again and again to take care of all those "little details." The work was done and checked so it would be right the first time. Because of this, we have been, and will continue to be, very vocal in supporting and recommending TCT as "The Business of Choice for transmission and drive train repairs." We are proud to be associated with you. (1996)

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Mark F

I want to thank you for your persistence and dedication to quality work in pursuing leaks from my old BMW's transmission. A less-responsive shop might have disclaimed responsibility as the poor vent design clearly was not your fault. But you covered the costs of solving the problem under your warranty for rebuilding the transmission for the previous owner. Believe me, I'll do what it takes to keep that warranty in force, and I won't hesitate to recommend your shop to other potential customers.

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Dr. E Pope

Your facilities unexpected kindness in repairing my van is so appreciated. My van is the only way I have of getting out of the house so you know how important it is to me. Thank you sincerely. (2012)

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K Phillips

Thank you TCT for the great service, great price and timely service. Being a college student and this being my only vehicle they got m e up and going quickly with quality work

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Eddie W

Excellent service! They were really great about working with us on payments since we needed a whole new transmission.Lifetime warranty and not to mention, the free towing. We will definitely come back.

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I work in the acquisition and procurement industry and I know that service based industries have more highs and lows than product based industries. Products are created in a uniform fashion while services are only as good as the people that perform them. I want to tell you my Thurston County Transmission (TCT) story; it's a very positive one.

I traveled with my family from Olympia, WA to south Texas. In the middle of nowhere in a place called "one-mile out of Cheyenne, Wyoming" my car broke down. Other than wonderful Americans and robust cows, there's nothing in Wyoming and I was still 1,000 miles from my destination.

There was a nice mechanic that told me that my transmission failed. I knew that I had a life-time warranty on my transmission and I contacted TCT to figure out what to do. I had two options, I could have the transmission repaired in Wyoming or I could have it repaired by TCT in Lacey.

Either way, the repair was going to take time that I did not have; it was not going to be a quick fix. I continued on my vacation but in the background TCT had my back. People may differ but I wanted the people working on my transmission to be accessible and local to me. I elected to have the car repaired by TCT. They set up and paid for transport of my vehicle back to Lacey, WA.

Life's not fair and I wish the vehicle had never broken down. I want to remind you that I was in a very weak position far away from home. Any company could have simply not honored their agreement and there would be very little that I could do. I can only tell you that TCT stood behind me, stood behind their work, and had my car ready upon my return at no costs to me. They engendered a high level of trust that gives me confidence that they are honest. TCT is my repair company of choice.

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You replaced a solenoid valve in my 2002 Ford Focus last week. The car is driving well now. Thank you for the repair.

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I found the guys at TCT to be knowledgeable, helpful, and good to their word. No charge for the diagnosis. They gave me all the information I needed to make a good decision with my car. Good Guys!!

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