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Audi A3 TF60SN Transmission Problems

Owners of the Audi A3 may be aware of the problems these vehicles have when shifting. Some may experience mild bumps, others violent rattling, and still others something in between those two extremes. The transmission problems in these cars are not unique to the A3 alone. Other brands use the same transmission (the TF60SN automatic), including the BMW Mini Cooper and, more famously, Volkswagen’s Jetta (in which the transmission is called the 09G). At around 50 thousand miles, or possibly sometime before, the transmission starts to go, causing rough engagement and shifting while driving. These problems come in varying degrees depending on factors such as climate and how the vehicle is driven. Often, this happens after the warranty is out.

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We re-engineer your Mini Cooper’s transmission so that it will function the way it should rather than the way it was originally designed.

Common Issues with the TF60SN

The Audi A3 frequently has issues with the transmission, and those problems can be downright scary when you’re on the road. In many cases, it may seem like the windows in your car are about to shatter from all the rattling, or as if the axle is at the point of falling out. If you have experienced any of the following issues while driving your Audi A3, it’s likely a problem with the transmission:
  • Rough shifting into 2nd gear from 1st
  • Rough shifting at times from 2nd to 3rd
  • Harsh engagement and downshifting
  • Rattling, knocking, or slide-bumping
Each of these can result from a wear issue within the transmission’s valve body and its various components. The worst part is it’s not an easy fix — and worse is that restoring it to OEM won’t actually solve the problem. You need some real expertise on this model of transmission if you hope to get it running smoothly.

Restoring Your Audi Transmission to OEM Specs Is a Bad Idea

These problems often stem from abnormal wear and tear on the transmission. Specifically, they usually involve fluid leaks, bore and valve wear, and sticking solenoids. These aren’t issues that normally come up in a well-designed transmission. Instead, they show that the TF60SN automatic is not well designed for its role in your vehicle. Therefore, using an OEM replacement won’t fix the issue. At the very best, it will simply put it on hold for a little while, but that can get expensive fast since replacement OEM transmissions can cost thousands of dollars each. In some cases, it may be an electrical problem having to do with the adaptive shift functionality of the transmission. Rather than wiring itself to give you a smooth experience, it miscalibrates the transmission and leads to rough engagement and shifting. However, even if this is a factor, it may not be the core issue. Very often, the issue is within the valve body itself. The design leads to abnormal leakage and wear that can cause the transmission to malfunction. 5-speed models tend to wear out much faster, so upgrading to a 6 speed can help. However, reworking and replacing the valve body is often the most reliable solution.

Our Solution

Most mechanics will simply restore the transmission to OEM or recommend repairs that won’t actually solve the problem. Naturally, neither of these options will do. To truly fix issues with this transmission, you basically need to upgrade the unit to remove the core flaws of its design. At Thurston County Transmission, we rebuild your Audi A3’s transmission so that it will last well beyond the flawed OEM model. With Larry Collins’s expertise in vehicle transmissions, your car will work better than new, and the rattling, bumping, and knocking you experience will be a thing of the past. If you suspect that you have transmission issues with your Audi A3, Mini Cooper, or Jetta, give us a call for the long-term solution you need.

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