Automatic Transmission Filters & Fluid Services

Automatic transmission filters & fluid choices are easy - when you're an expert! But if you're not, making the wrong choices can have disastrous consequences...

Transmission Services: Filters and Fluids

Automatic Transmission Filter & Fluid Services

Automatic transmission filter and fluid services are cornerstones of good car care. If you do not pay for routine maintenance, you will end up spending more on major repairs.

Thurston County Transmission is here to help with professional automatic transmission filter and fluid services. Be sure to check your auto maintenance schedule often, and be sure not to fall behind!

What are automatic transmission filter and fluid services?

This refers to getting a transmission fluid exchange. Once your filter and fluids are fresh, your transmission will operate at peak performance levels.

How important are automatic transmission filter and fluid services?

If you fall behind on filter and fluid maintenance, you may face one of these problems:

  • When the transmission shifts, it is delayed and causes you to stall
  • When the transmission shifts, it is jumpy or jerky, causing you to lose control
  • Some gears, including reverse, may stop working
  • Unnecessary redlining because of sticking gears (meaning high gas costs)
  • Quick reduction of fluid quality due to an old filter that needs replacement

Rather than run into these problems on the road, make sure you ask about getting the fluid checked when you visit your trusted mechanic. Most reliable shops will replace the filter with the fluid, though you may want to ask just to be safe.

Are automatic transmission filter and fluid services expensive?

If you have hundreds of thousands of miles on your automatic transmission filter or fluid, and you notice one or more issue listed above, then the work will be expensive. It will be more than just the fluid and filter, however. Other transmission components will be worn down from poor lubrication.

Regular fluid exchanges will prevent major transmission overhauls. Be sure to talk with your mechanic about keeping your fluid and filter in good driving shape every time you visit the shop.


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