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Drivetrain & Driveshaft Auto Repairs

Driveshaft & Drivetrain Auto Repairs Lacey Olympia WA Washington

Drivetrain & Driveshaft Auto Repairs – Keep it Moving!

The driveshaft is an integral part of any car. It is directly responsible for transferring torque from an engine to the wheels on the ground. If your driveshaft is not working, this could lead to a major problem with any sedan, coupe, truck, van, SUV or other vehicle.

Ignoring potential driveshaft issues is quite dangerous. Thurston County Transmission is here to provide driveshaft auto repairs in Olympia WA to drivers all year long. Here is some basic info on drivetrains.

Types of Driveshaft

The type of driveshaft differs greatly depending on which kind of car you own.  In a front engine car, the coupler between the wheels and transmission are much shorter in length. In a conventional rear wheel drive car, your driveshaft is much longer because of the length of the car. A rear wheel drive vehicle needs a long driveshaft to connect the engine to the rear wheels.  Front wheel drive cars are directly hooked to the sides of the transmission, and the part that makes this work as intended is called a “constant velocity” shaft, or CV shaft for short.

A CV shaft essentially is a part that is similar to if you were to intertwine your fingers. When the rubber boot that surrounds the CV shaft dries up and breaks, you will likely  hear a knocking sound. This means there is a gap between the components that make up the CV shaft, similar to if you intertwined your fingers and then spread them apart.

Driveshaft Issues & Inspections

If your car is a rear wheel drive car, the most common signs that you need to get your driveshaft inspected are if your car is vibrating while driving or making a “clunk” sound upon putting the car in gear. These symptoms indicate that bearings in your driveshaft may be wearing out and will require replacement.  In situations such as this it is extremely important to get your car looked at in a timely fashion. In a worst case scenario, your driveshaft can detach from your car and cause an accident.  If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it is a good idea to have your car looked at as soon as possible.

Quality Driveshaft & Drivetrain Repairs & Replacements

At Thurston County Transmission, we use high quality parts and provide consistent, thorough service for drivetrain issues. Our customer services is also taken seriously, as we like to impress drivers with courteous, timely service while establishing trust. If you have any uncertainties about the health of your drivetrain, please get in touch right away and schedule an inspection.


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