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We fix transmissions and more. Lots More!

We have earned our reputation through years of quality auto & transmission repair, quality auto parts and the best transmission warranty anywhere. Our customers know we are the best auto mechanics in Lacey & Olympia WA.

Auto Repair Financing – We Have the Best Option!

Sudden auto repair costs can strike at any time – even when we are least prepared. That is why Thurston County Transmission has partnered with Synchrony Financial. If this is your situation, please take a moment to review our auto repair financing option.

Transmission Repair, Service & Replacement Shop in Lacey & Olympia Washington

Solutions Engineering – The Difference is in the Details

Most auto mechanics are trained to repair your vehicle to its original manufacturing spec, then there are a handful of auto repair and transmission repair shops in the country that have true engineers at the helm. While factory spec repairs will suffice on many occasion, with transmissions an engineered solution will prevent the problem from reoccurring by solving the inherent design flaw. Given the price of a transmission rebuild, this can be a monumental difference. Our industry is notorious for transmissions going bad again, so ask yourself, “Would you rather get it right the first time?” Thurston County Transmission has a rock solid reputation, just like our one-of-a-kind lifetime transferable transmission repair warranty.

Have a newer vehicle with transmission issues? We see this all the time, particularly in the Volkswagen Jetta, Mini Cooper and Audi A3. Click here to read about our new transmission repair – and find out why it’s actually better than new.


transmission repairs that last

Transmission repairs are notorious for being done twice, and most people have no idea why. There are two reasons, the first is that many low-end transmission repair shops use remanufactured parts – and what that means is that they came out of another transmission of unknown miles and may or may not hold up in your vehicle. At Thurston County Transmission we know the history an every single part we use and would never put something in your vehicle we wouldn’t put in our own. Our transmission repairs are always the very best quality you can imagine, and are fully warranted – parts and labor.read more


Larry and the guys at Thurston County Transmission are simply the best. My BMW 745i was giving me the blues, numerous errors, jerky gear shifting. Initially diagnosed as a TCM(transmission (...)

Jon & Jen

5-STARS! On a recent vacation our Volks Jetta's first gear began slipping. The short of it is after a long run-around with local mechanics and with another Olympia transmission repair (...)

Everything You Need To Know About Synthetic Oil

If you own a foreign vehicle, you need to keep the sensitive mechanical parts of your vehicle in top shape by using synthetic oil. What is synthetic oil and why is it important for you to know? To answer your questions, keep reading. What is Synthetic Oil? Synthetic...
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Car Seat Safety Basics, and 3 Important Tips You May Not Know

Many parents believe that car seat safety just means having their child in a seat made for their height and weight. Sadly, even if you're following Washington car seat laws, your child may not be as safe in the car as they could be. Washington law dictates that...
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How to Build a Winter Emergency Kit

Just like a first aid kit for your home, an emergency kit for your car is an essential, and will give you added peace of mind this winter and holiday season. An emergency kit is something every vehicle should have but is especially important if you do a lot of winter...
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Happy Holidays from Thurston County Transmission!

Happy Holidays to You, Your Family, and Your Vehicle! Our family here at Thurston wants to wish you a happy holiday season! 2016 has been a great year for Thurston County Transmission!  We are extremely happy and proud that so many customers in Lacey, Olympia, and...
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Winter Auto and Transmission Tips

Between seasons is a great time to get a tune-up or at least look over your vehicle for potential problems or needed upkeep. Before winter is arguably the most important time to make sure everything is in order. Freezing temperatures are especially hard on your...
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Make Sure Your Car is Ready for Fall

Read our Fall Auto Care article here to make sure your vehicle is prepared for colder weather! Battery test, brake check, windshield wipers, anti-freeze, light check and heater test are just some of the things to check up on.

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Expert Transmission Repair for Audi, Volkswagen and Mini Cooper

OEM Audi, Volkswagen and Mini Cooper Transmission Repairs Just Aren't Good Enough - and the dealerships don't know better, or don't care. Thurston County Transmission specializes in Audi, Volkswagen, and Mini Cooper transmission repairs - and we make them better than...
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Happy Holidays! Good Bye 2015!

We just want to take a second to say... Thank You! After a banner year in 2015, with more great positive reviews and so many happy customers, we are ecstatic to enjoy the holidays and just couldn't help but share... so please enjoy this quick video and carry on with...
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ATRA Details the Cost of a Transmission Rebuild

What’s the cost of a transmission rebuild? Thurston County Transmission’s rebuilds can last a million miles, we have the best warranty & the price is right! Click to read more…

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Get Answers to your Transmission Questions

Transmission questions can be tricky to get answers for. The experts at Thurston County Transmission provides reliable answers for Lacey WA drivers.

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Family Owned and Operated Transmission Center

Thurston County Transmission is your trusted transmission repair, replacement & rebuild expert in the Olympia, WA area. We deliver quality auto repair & transmission service with the honesty and integrity you expect from a family owned, local business. Since 1990, we have prided ourselves on our ability to offer the highest quality service and repairs, with the highest level of customer service. We are a locally owned and operated family business that cares about our customers and our community.