Thurston County Transmission Warranty

We know the quality of our parts and service - so of course we have the very best transmission warranty in town.

The Transmission Warranty Olympia & Lacey Drivers Rely On!

We offer a lifetime warranty on all of our major transmission repairs. *

auto-warranty Auto warranties bring peace of mind. It is a busy world out there. You should not have to worry about the cost of your transmission breaking down! Thurston County Transmission offers excellent workmanship. Our reputation is built on getting the job done right the first time, because we want our customers to have transmissions they can rely on at all times. Unlike some auto service shops, however, we back our words up with actions. If we build it, install it or upgrade it, we will stand by it.

Lifetime Automatic Transmission Warranty *

Yes, you read that right! If we put an automatic transmission into your car, truck, SUV or other vehicle, then that transmission will have warranty coverage for as long as it lasts. Our auto warranty covers transmission services and repairs in the event that something goes wrong. Most auto warranty coverage exists to protect consumers from poor engineering, assembly or installation. We provide lifetime warranties on automatic transmissions because we very rarely make a mistake. In fact, the reason we go above and beyond any other auto warranty offered by other shops is because so few of our customers ever call with a transmission problem! As long as you stick to the maintenance schedule we provide, the warranty will always be honored at our garage and any shop we have preauthorized to take care of your vehicle. Specific details for each warranty are discussed at the time of purchase. Whether you are a mechanic yourself or do not know much about cars, we will be clear in explaining your protection and how to avoid voiding the warranty.

24,000/2-year Auto Warranty Coverage

We also offer limited auto warranty coverage on both automatic and manual transmissions. As with the lifetime warranty, the terms of your coverage will be explained when you sign the warranty paper work. We also offer “fill in the blanks” warranties if you need to include coverage for a specific amount of time or mileage based on your driving habits. Get in touch with our transmission warranty professionals to learn more!

* Warranty repairs must be performed in our shop.  Vehicle shipping at the client’s expense.  Exceptions at our discretion.


Family Owned and Operated Transmission Center

Thurston County Transmission is your trusted transmission repair, replacement & rebuild expert in the Olympia, WA area. We deliver quality auto repair & transmission service with the honesty and integrity you expect from a family owned, local business. Since 1990, we have prided ourselves on our ability to offer the highest quality service and repairs, with the highest level of customer service. We are a locally owned and operated family business that cares about our customers and our community.

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