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Auto repair surprises can break the bank - unless a bank is there to lend a hand...


Auto Repair Financing: Helping you afford the care your vehicle deserves!

The cost of a major repair to your transmission may not be affordable on your budget. However, we do not like to see our customers stranded due to the cost of transmission issues. You may run into cost concerns for one of the following reasons, but Thurston County Transmission wants to help you work through these concerns.

We provide excellent, reliable auto repair financing. If you have never used auto repair financing options before, not to worry! We will happily walk you through each step to ensure that you get out of the shop for a fair price. Insurance or warranty services may refuse to cover the cost of a major transmission repair due to wear and tear; this is why auto repair financing may be necessary. Say you have a young driver at home, and you agree to teach them how to drive a stick shift. They may struggle to get the timing of the clutch, shift motion and acceleration down at first. If this goes on for a while, they might grind your gears and wear down the clutch. This is just one example of many where the regular use of your vehicle will cause an insurance agent or warranty provider to deny a claim. They will say the cost of repairs is yours to bear, which may be too high if a simple fix is out of the question. Following an accident or collision, you may discover that your transmission was damaged beyond repair; auto repair financing options can help. If this is the case, you will need to replace the transmission entirely. That sort of work, of course, is not cheap. If you are not able to get insurance to pay for the new transmission, or if your warranty has been voided, the bill to replace a transmission will be a nasty hit to your budget.

We honor auto repair financing options from a professional lending service, same as cash!

Our solution to customers in need of financial assistance is to work with Synchrony Financial. Usual terms include 90 days same as cash, meaning you can get the repairs you need now and pay it down over time. Think of it this way: When you take out a loan to pay for transmission services, your car will be up and running again. You can then get around on your own, meaning you will be able to get to work on time without asking for rides or catching a bus. This is much easier than being stuck without a car until you can pay out of pocket! Learn more about our financing options by getting in touch with one of our transmission repair and replacement experts today!


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