Transmission Repair in Olympia & Lacey WA

We provide the most expert transmission repair in Olympia & Lacey, hands down! If your car won't go, let us know!

Expert Transmission Repairs

Transmission Repairs in Lacey & Olympia WA

Truly Expert Transmission Repair

Larry Collins and team are the cities experts in transmission repair. While most transmission shops will try and return your transmission to its OEM state, the problem with this is that if there is a flaw in the original design, and there usually is, the same problem that was present before will be there again. The experts at Thurston County Transmission use the latest technology and engineering to truly improve on the manufacturer’s design. By staying abreast of the improvements others have made, and by engineering their own, your transmission will come out better than new!

Signs of Transmission Problems

If you notice any signs of transmission trouble, come in right away for an accurate diagnosis. Even if you don’t notice any of these telltale signs of transmission problems, if your dashboard check engine light goes on, it could be your transmission.

Signs of transmission problems include:

  • Weird noises such as knocking, screeching, or grating sounds
  • Leaking transmission fluid in the driveway
  • Vehicle won’t go into gear, or won’t go into reverse
  • A sulfuric, burning smell
  • Vehicle slips out of gear while driving

Get Your Transmission Repaired Right Away

Your transmission trouble may be minor, but it is important to get it addressed immediately. Many transmission problems are solved with simple and inexpensive fixes like a transmission service, sensors, solenoids, switches or valve body repair. Other problems require extensive work. Many major problems could have been avoided with preventative maintenance or by addressing minor problems. You can save yourself a lot of trouble and money by taking advantage of our accurate transmission diagnosis.

The Right Transmission Repairs Could Help Your Transmission Go a Million Miles



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Family Owned and Operated Transmission Center

Thurston County Transmission is your trusted transmission repair, replacement & rebuild expert in the Olympia, WA area. We deliver quality auto repair & transmission service with the honesty and integrity you expect from a family owned, local business. Since 1990, we have prided ourselves on our ability to offer the highest quality service and repairs, with the highest level of customer service. We are a locally owned and operated family business that cares about our customers and our community.

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