Remanufactured / Transmission Exchange

Remanufactured transmissions are not all they are cracked up to be!

Remanufactured & Transmission Exchanges

Remanufactured Transmissions & Transmission Exchange

Reman (Remanufactured) & Transmission Exchanges are Usually Dead Wrong.

A transmission exchange can get you out of the shop and on your way much faster but may cause you problems down the road.  The reason for this is that, in some but not all cases, a particular transmission model can have dozens of variations depending on which model car, which engine, which axle ratio, planetary gear ratio, wrong electronic components; even which tire size.  The problems you could experience could be check transmission light on, gear ratio issues or errors codes. You may also experience incorrect shift points or even complete transmission failure because your engine may be more powerful than the one the replacement transmission was originally designed for.

Transmission Exchanges Are Where The Horror Stories Come From

The problem with a transmission exchange is that the source of the transmission and any issues it had previously are unknown.  If you don’t know what was wrong with your “new” transmission how can you also be sure it didn’t have any issues before being entered into the exchange?  The age of the parts in the exchange transmission, and the amount of miles they have is also unknown.  Parts with different ages and miles are often combined creating new potential points of failure, inconsistencies, and internal component mismatches or clearance problems that are often bad enough they can even be detected while driving the vehicle.  Hard shifts, slipping clutch, and generally poor performance are the best case issues – complete failure within months or days is the worst.

Thurston County Transmission Repair Commitments

  • We never use parts we wouldn’t put in our own vehicles
  • The history of parts we use is always known
  • Our warranty truly covers repairs or concerns
  • We RARELY get any warranty issues because we do things right!

Believe It Or Not – The Right Transmission Repairs Could Help Your Transmission Go a Million Miles


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