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Transmission fluid must be checked regularly - and occasionally there is a little more involved than that. We have you covered!


A lot of drivers have heard of a transmission flush. They think of it as a necessary service, since the driving public has been told that it is a sort of oil change for the transmission.

However, this is not a safe way to think about the upkeep of your transmission.

Transmission fluid IS like oil, in that it is a liquid lubricant used to prevent the grinding of metal parts. Over time, that fluid will become less viscous and start to collect deposits. In other words, transmission fluid will not be as useful after a lot of driving.

Know the difference between transmission fluid and the other fluids in your vehicle

auto-transmission-fluid-serviceGasoline is an easy one for drivers to understand. It gets poured in at the pump, then circulated through through a car so that it will accelerate. As the fuel gets burned up, the byproduct is pushed out through an exhaust system.

This means the finite amount of gasoline in your car must be replaced fairly often. However, the fluids used to lubricate some systems in your car — especially your transmission — last for much longer since the fluid is constantly circulated.

Gas is to your car what food is to your body, and transmission fluid and oil are to your car what blood is to your body.

We address your transmission fluid concerns the RIGHT way!

Flushes are not always reliable. Over time, it may be necessary to dump the old fluid and replace it, especially after a collision that damages your transmission and causes fluid to leak. A repair to this type of damage will probably mean putting new fluid into the transmission.

If you have brown fluid in your transmission — the fluid can be checked by a dipstick, just like your oil — it is time to change the fluid. A flush is not required, however.

Instead, it is best to let a certified transmission expert drain the old goop, pour in new fluid, replace the filter and drop the pan. This is much safer and will ensure that your transmission lasts for a very long time!


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