Suspension Repair & Engineering in Lacey & Olympia WA

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Suspension Repair and Engineering

Suspension Engineering and Repair or Replacement Lacey Olympia WA Washington

Parts that make up a vehicle’s suspension wear down naturally over time, and it can be daunting trying to understand exactly how the technical elements of this key safety system maintains vehicle control and stability even when dealing with bumpy or uneven surfaces. It can be a challenge to gauge the health of your suspension without professional input, which we at Thurston County Transmission are happy to provide. At Thurston County Transmission, we can tell you if any part of your suspension needs repair or replacement, including:

  • Springs, which absorb bumps and irregularities in the road for a smooth ride
  • Shocks absorbers, which control the rate of speed a spring’s energy is released
  • Struts, which combine shocks mounted inside coiled springs, aiding in overall support of a vehicle’s weight

Lacey & Olympia WA drivers can rely on our car & truck suspension repair & engineering!

For more than 20 years, our work has been with an eye to the future of our customers. When it comes to the health of your transmission, we want to make sure our customers get the quality service they need, and we recommended check-up every 50,000 miles. Some common transmission problem symptoms include:

  • Drifting to one side of the road
  • “Jumping” off the road after hitting bumps
  • Tilting to one side when going around curves
  • Vibration or noise in steering wheel column when accelerating or turning

Left untreated, worn shocks or struts can be very dangerous to drive on, making it very easy for a vehicle to lose control when accelerating through a curve or driving over uneven surfaces. While the breakdown of suspension parts can occur in several different areas of the car, it can be difficult to know how worn out individual parts are. In general, replacing components should happen all at once to maintain maximum stability, so if a strut is going it is a good idea to replace all four.

Auto Suspension is An Integral System to Vehicle Performance & Longevity

Because suspension problems are often related to outside components like tire pressure and wheel alignment, it is important to keep tabs on more than just the condition of shocks or struts. You can check your tires from uneven tread, which can lead to a vehicle shaking while driving, though if the shaking continues or worsens it may be because of damaged strut bearings or tire rods. Continuing to drive with a worn-out suspension can also lead to catastrophic damage to other parts of a vehicle, and if it’s as serious as something like a rattling broken spring or shocks leaking oil, immediate attention is strongly recommended. The suspension specialists at Thurston County Transmission are here to help seven days a week, so contact us if you suspect your suspension is having issues!


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Thurston County Transmission is your trusted transmission repair, replacement & rebuild expert in the Olympia, WA area. We deliver quality auto repair & transmission service with the honesty and integrity you expect from a family owned, local business. Since 1990, we have prided ourselves on our ability to offer the highest quality service and repairs, with the highest level of customer service. We are a locally owned and operated family business that cares about our customers and our community.

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