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Transmission Services: Torque Converters

Transmission Information - Torque Converters

Torque converters are an automatic transmission component many drivers will never even hear about. They are the magic ingredient that allows for drivers to simply steer, accelerate and brake, never having to shift gears as they operate a car.

Some car enthusiasts will tell you that manual transmissions are the only way to go. Here at Thurston County Transmission, we welcome all kinds of vehicles! Read on to learn more about torque converters and how we service them.

What are torque converters?

In simple terms, a torque converter is a clutch system that operates without any input from a driver. A clutch separates the transmission operation from the engine, and this separation makes it possible for an engine to continue operating when at a full stop (once the wheels and gears are no longer moving).

How important are torque converters to an automatic transmission?

Without a functional torque converter, an automatic transmission could not function. The turning force (torque) required to keep an engine running in a stopped car is managed by this converter, which is also known as a fluid coupling.

If your vehicle stalls between gear shifts or struggles to accelerate at all, it may be a problem with your converter.

Is it expensive to repair or replace faulty torque converters?

The cost of converter services will vary with each customer. If a converter is just in need of some routine maintenance or small repairs, you can probably get the work done in a single visit to a professional automatic transmission mechanic shop.

However, replacing a faulty torque converter can take some time. Parts must be ordered, and the transmission will have to be disassembled and put together again. Make sure to check your vehicle’s warranty or service plan to find out of you are covered in the event of a faulty converter.


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