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Mini Cooper TF60SN Transmission Problems

Known for its compact size and sporty design, the Mini Cooper has become a popular model for car owners. However, it has one fatal flaw: the transmission. Aisin-Warner’s TF60SN automatic transmission has been known to be a bit rough when shifting gears, and that flaw can ruin the experience of driving one of these cars. Most Mini Coopers (with the exception of the very first generation of the model) use this transmission, and therefore suffer from this flaw.

This model transmission is also the same one used in the Audi A3 and the VW Jetta (in which it’s called the 09G). At about 50 thousand miles or sooner, the transmission in these cars will start to get bumpy to the point where it’s absolutely terrifying to drive on the road. Perhaps the worst part is it often happens soon after the warranty expires.

The Thurston Difference

We re-engineer your Mini Cooper’s transmission so that it will function the way it should rather than the way it was originally designed.

Mini Cooper TF60SN Common Issues

Many Mini Cooper drivers have complained of these issues with the transmission. In some cases, it can be comparatively subtle, perhaps as a slightly rough shift up or down, but in others they may experience loud bumping and rattling that makes them feel as if their car is about to come apart. The specific issues drivers may face with the TF60SN transmission include:

  • Rough shifting into 2nd gear from 1st,
  • Rough shifting at times from 2nd to 3rd
  • Harsh engagement and downshifting
  • Rattling, knocking, or slide-bumping.

If your Mini Cooper has started to exhibit these problems when shifting gears, it’s time to get the transmission fixed. However, it’s not as simple as taking it to the dealer and getting a replacement transmission. In the case of the TF60SN transmission, restoring to OEM is not the way to go.

Problems with OEM TF60SN

These problems with the OEM transmission in the Mini Cooper aren’t simply a result of damage or wear alone. They stem from a major flaw in the way the transmission was designed. In the vast majority of cases, these problems result from one of two things: an electrical/programming issue, or a problem with the valve body.

The TF60SN is an adaptive shifting transmission. This means it makes adjustments based on how you drive, thereby “learning” your driving style. Ideally, it would do this to make sure your driving experience is as smooth as possible. What often happens, however, is there is an issue with rough shifting, especially at certain temperatures.

Fixing the programming for your transmission may not resolve the problem, however. The other issue with the transmission is the way the valve body—and specifically the bores and solenoids—is constructed. The flawed design leads to cross leaks and solenoid sticking, which in turn leads to abnormal wear and the issues many drivers face when the car shifts gears.

Our Solution

Since the manufacturer’s design is inherently flawed, restoring the transmission with OEM parts will not solve the problem.  In some cases, the transmission must be rebuilt, in others valve body updates will fix the transmission. Naturally, this requires experience working with transmissions, putting them together, taking them apart, and getting them to function properly. Unfortunately, the dealer (and most mechanics) won’t solve the problem correctly. Instead, they’ll usually restore it to OEM, often while being fully aware that the same problems will likely persist or reoccur.

Thurston County Transmission does things differently. We re-engineer your Mini Cooper’s transmission so that it will function the way it should rather than the way it was originally designed. In essence, this is an upgrade. In many cases, we’ll use a new valve body, one that’s designed to operate without the cross leaking and bore wear issues.  For the manual transmissions, other options include an upgrade to a more cost-effective and more durable 6 speed transmission.

Huge Upgrade Potential

For manual 5-speed Mini Cooper transmissions needing repair – the best solution is often a less expensive but more durable 6-speed transmission.  You get your transmission fixed – and a free gear in the process.

If you suspect that there are problems with your Mini Cooper’s TF60SN transmission, contact Thurston County Transmission for the right solution to your problem.

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