3 Summer Driving Safety Tips

3 Summer Driving Safety Tips

Summer driving safety and auto maintenance tips from the experts

Summer driving is a lot of fun. Road trips, letting down the convertible top, trips to the lake…the list goes on.

Thurston County Transmission has a team of experts with summer driving tips to help you have fun in the sun, rather than waiting to get your car back from the shop for most of the summer.

Summer driving basics

Plan ahead to avoid engine overheating.

This includes making sure you have enough of each of the fluids your engine relies on. Oil, coolant, and other fluids should all be topped off before you go on a long road trip.

You may also want to have your automotive air conditioning inspected. Park as often as you can in cool, shaded areas and always pull over to let the engine cool down if your temp gauge goes crazy.

Bring the right vehicle for summer drives.

If you want to hit the lake with a boat or jet skis, make sure you have a truck or SUV rated for the trailer and cargo in question. Similarly, plan ahead for family trips with a vehicle safety inspection before you hit the road.

If you plan to travel a lot for work, ask about gas reimbursement. Gas prices tend to go up in the summer, so it could mean big savings if your employer is willing to help you pay at the pump.

Summer driving maintenance

Keep up with routine auto maintenance intervals as the season changes.

Extra heat during the summer will put stress on your engine, transmission, and auto body. Oil changes, transmission services, and other under the hood work should not be skipped, especially if you plan to spent a lot of time at the wheel this summer.

Any odd noises, smells or sounds brought on by the increased temperature might go away after a few minutes. If you notice a recurring problem, however, be sure to schedule a visit with a trusted auto mechanic right away.

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