ATRA Details the Cost of a Transmission Rebuild

ATRA Details the Cost of a Transmission Rebuild

Too Good to be True? Don’t Let the 799 Special Hook You!

Realistically the first question you’re asking yourself is… what is the cost of a transmission rebuild?  Transmission repairs are scary, and one of the reasons is that the advertised costs are so low – yet everyone knows that a good transmission rebuild is usually $3,000 or more.  That discrepancy leaves most people wondering what the real truth is.  Lucky for us, ATRA has broken it down – read more here and click the following two links for the details.

Here is a funny quote to give you an idea about ATRA’s thinking regarding the cost of transmission repair:

$1,500 rebuild would be like buying a 50” flat-screen TV for $99; it’s not realistic and the quality just won’t be there.

With the constantly rising prices in today’s society, shops also have to raise their prices just to stay in business. Shops today have to be much more considerate of environmental issues and in doing so they have to spend more to have licensed company’s come in to recycle waste products and use in environmentally safe cleaners. Shops have to pass on their extra expenses to you and ATRA says it best, “When you see $799 rebuild specials on the internet you have to ask yourself, what are they leaving out?”.

So how long does a transmission rebuild take? The average time for a transmission rebuild is around three to four days. Some rebuilds can be done in just one day on the other hand, depending on a few variables.  Because diagnosis can often take a day by itself, there are times that a transmission rebuild will actually take less time!

Many shops often cut corners to keep their prices low and advertise even lower.  When you get in, usually the price will go up – but often they are still cutting corners.  At Thurston County Transmission, we know the exact history on every part we ever use, and if we wouldn’t put it in our vehicle it doesn’t go in yours.

If you want long term reliability, there is only one company in Olympia to trust your vehicle with, and that is Thurston County Transmission.  Please take a look at our reviews here and on Google to see just how many people are happy with our transmission and auto repairs.  Also take a look here and you can see how the transmissions we rebuild can go for up to a million miles, commonly outlasting the engine in the vehicle.  This is also the reason we have the best transmission warranty in the business.

 When you’re going to get a transmission repair/rebuild going to an expert is always the best bet. With the prices of parts and service skyrocketing you cant let the “amazing deals” fool you into a low quality rebuild that’ll end up emptying your pockets in the end anyway.


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