Expert Transmission Repair for Audi, Volkswagen and Mini Cooper

Expert Transmission Repair for Audi, Volkswagen and Mini Cooper

OEM Audi, Volkswagen and Mini Cooper Transmission Repairs Just Aren’t Good Enough – and the dealerships don’t know better, or don’t care.

Thurston County Transmission specializes in Audi, Volkswagen, and Mini Cooper transmission repairs – and we make them better than new.

Audi transmission repair
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As an Audi, Volkswagen or Mini Cooper owner. you may already know that you probably have potential issues with your transmission, and the issues start with OEM designs.  Transmissions are certainly technically advanced mechanics so there are plenty of areas for issues to occur – from sticky valves to valve bodies, torque converters and more.  The problem is when there is a design issue out of the gate, and it causes your transmission to fail, if you take it to the dealership or an auto repair shop and they perform the transmission repair to the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) specifications, the same problems can happen again. So what good is the repair in that case?


We are a specialty transmission engineering shop.  We don’t just repair transmissions, we improve them.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  General auto repair shops and dealerships in particular, are trained and expected to repair your car to its factory state unless there was a recall, in which case they might improve an issue.  But recalls cost them MILLIONS of dollars, so auto makers aren’t going to be quick to fess up to issues inherent in their design, and dealerships will follow their lead.  At the same time general auto repair shops won’t have the technical expertise to eliminate the original issue either – and that leaves you in a major bind.  We are a specialty transmission engineering shop, and we not only repair transmissions, we improve them.  We solve OEM issues and save our customers from reoccurring transmission problems.  And we back that up with a WARRANTY.  We are so confident in our work we warranty your transmission, even if you sell or give the car to someone else.

We Are Here to Help Seattle and Olympia Audi, Volkswagen and Mini Cooper Owners – Take Note!

Now the three cars and transmissions that we’re covering are very similar or the same, and appear in Audis, Volkswagens and Mini Coopers.  Knowing that these issues are causing people all over the Seattle area, we are doing what we can to get the word out that we have the solutions they need – and raising awareness that dealerships and general auto repair shops might just allow the issues they are facing to reoccur.  That being said, please get the word out to any Audi, VW or Mini Cooper owner you know, send them to any of the following links:

Thank you!

Having a problem with your Audi, Mini Cooper or Volkswagen transmission? Call our experts for guaranteed, warrantied repairs.

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