Summer Auto AC Inspection Special!

Summer Auto AC Inspection Special!

Auto AC inspection special is going on now!

Auto AC inspections are important. Why wait until summer, when you are going to use your automotive air conditioning more often, to get it checked?

Beat the heat by beating the crowd! The auto AC inspection specialists at Thurston County Transmission are ready to help your car stay cool right away.

Why are we offering an auto AC inspection special?

As mentioned above, it is better to get your air conditioning checked out before it is used heavily. If a problem is found before you start turning the AC on every day, you are less likely to suffer a major issue.

Just like your house, a leak means the cool air does not get to where you want it to go. You will put a lot of extra stress on the AC system in your car if there is a leak. An inspection can catch and correct this problem.

What can an auto AC inspection do for me?

Automotive inspections are designed to help you identify potential risks before they become expensive problems. Your AC system may be unable to pass DEQ inspection. You could have an unsafe Freon leak in an older car.

You may have a faulty component, such as the:

  • compressor
  • condenser/radiator
  • evaporator
  • thermostat
  • valves/hoses

An inspection will find these problems. At Thurston County Transmission, we want to help you save on the cost of automotive repairs. Whenever possible, we will provide basic maintenance or a safe, quick repair. However, we are equipped to handle full replacements of systems that are beyond repair.

How long will this auto AC inspection special be available?

We will continue to run this special for as long as we have the supplies for safe, effective inspections. We recommend coming in right away, long before the warm season arrives and the special evaporates like the rain!

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