DIY Basic Auto Repair FAQ

DIY Basic Auto Repair FAQ

Answers to your questions about basic auto repair at home

Basic auto repair ought to be, well, basic. There are a lot of drivers that do not know a lot about cars. These drivers end up paying a lot of money for basic repairs and services.

There are, of course, auto repairs that must take place at a professional auto shop. Thurston County Transmission is here to help you identify a few things you can do on your own to save money.

How can I tell if a service is basic auto repair or not?

If you hear, see, smell or feel a problem with your car, you might panic. In a lot of cases, getting your car back in great shape is just a matter of doing a simple fix.

Start by observing specific problems with your vehicle. If you have taken auto shop classes, you may be able to identify the problem right away. If not, run a web search with the symptoms you notice as you drive. Try specific searches such as:

  • Smells like burning metal when I brake
  • Car makes loud whining noise in reverse
  • Engine rattles and shakes my whole car when I turn the key

These types of searches can help you find the root of the problem.

Once I know the issue, what will I need for basic auto repairs?

This is the second half of how to decide if, in fact, all you need is a basic repair. Identify the issue, then search for how to fix it. If the fix requires a vehicle lift, special tools or takes a long time, you may not want to try fixing it at home.

However, if all you have to do is buy a few basic items and spend a few hours at most on the repair, you can save a lot of money by doing the repair on your own. Examples include:

  • Replacing a flat tire using a jack stand
  • Changing oil with a jack and a proper receptacle for the old oil
  • Painting the exterior to cover up scratches or dings
  • Using windshield chip repair kits
  • Check under the hood for low fluids and add more on your own

What if I am not comfortable doing my own basic auto repairs?

This is why most people pay an expert. Trained experts are worth the cost if you are new to automotive care or just prefer to trust a pro.

Thurston County Transmission has several experts on staff that can help you with basic auto repairs, as well as take great care of your car in need of advanced care!

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