Beware the Comeback Crew

Beware the Comeback Crew

There are plenty of times when a comeback is something to celebrate. Like in a football game when the losing team rallies in the final minutes of the fourth quarter and emerges victorious. Or when a power forward hits a three-pointer at the buzz to win the game.

But in transmission work and transmission repair, Beware the Comeback Crew.

But what is the comeback crew?

Most auto repair shops have to maintain a larger staff to handle “comeback work.” Comeback work is where the transmission fails within 30 or 60 days, or even a year, so the customer will have to come back again and again for additional transmission work. This costs you time and money. Plus it seems like you’re simply throwing good money after bad.

At Thurston Transmission, we believe that a well-built transmission should last for years, not just a few months. So we carefully selected and hired an expert staff of transmission technicians. We have a small, professional crew who know the ins and outs of transmission work, and they get the job done right the first time, so your transmission will run smoothly for a long, long time.

It all comes down to our methodology: we believe a good transmission repair should address the point of failure–why the problem happened in the first place. Sometimes it is a problem specific to a make and model of car. For example, check out our blog post about a major cause of transmission failure in Volkswagens. Our technicians are trained across a wide spectrum of vehicle types, so that they can quickly identity, then remedy the problem.

By fixing the underlying problem, we get you back on the road for a good long time. Because we believe that comebacks should be reserved for sports teams and celebrated at tailgate parties–but should never be used in the care of your car!

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