Need a Clutch Replacement in Lacey WA?

Need a Clutch Replacement in Lacey WA?

Clutch replacement is a job for the pros, but it does not have to be costly!

Clutch replacement is an expense manual transmission drivers must face at some point. Preventative maintenance, or taking care of the components of your transmission, will help you delay that cost for as long as you can.

The cost of clutch replacement Lacey drivers will have to pay can be kept down by following these tips.

Smart driving lowers your need for clutch replacement

  • Grinding gears while you shift can lead to the need for clutch replacement very soon. Some clutches last 30,000 miles, while others continue working for more than 100,000 miles. The differences are in driver behavior. Avoid pushing the clutch in too little or too far, and try to find the sweet spot instead. Make sure that you shift in a quick, fluid motion instead of punching the gear shift in a jerky or slow manner.
  • Unnecessary shifting wears a clutch down in a hurry. Do not ride your clutch as you drive. Accelerate and brake as smoothly as you can. In fact, you can stay in first gear and just use the brake and accelerator if you are in heavy traffic, instead of standing on your clutch or having to shift up and down every time you start and stop moving.
  • Avoid letting young drivers learn to operate a manual transmission if your clutch is new. Sure, learning to drive a stick shift with a new clutch is easier, but young drivers tend to pop the clutch and grind gears. Let them learn on a low-value, older vehicle instead of a newer car with a fresh manual transmission.

Routine maintenance delays your need for clutch replacement

Remember to have maintenance done in the following areas:

  • Flywheel replacement
  • Transmission fluid flush and filter replacement
  • Diagnostic scans and leak checks

Purchase a smart service plan on a used vehicle with a manual transmission. When shopping for a new vehicle, make sure you are satisfied with the warranty terms for transmission services. This could save you hundreds in clutch and transmission care.

If clutch replacement is required, do some homework

Make sure to hire certified clutch replacement professionals. This will spare you the hassle of going back to a transmission shop over and over, spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on transmission work over time.

Certified transmission experts at Thurston County transmission are happy to help. Learn more about Lacey WA clutch replacements by contacting one of our local experts!

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