Common Transmission Problems: 5 Signs & Solutions

Common Transmission Problems: 5 Signs & Solutions

Common Transmission Problems

There are many potential problems your transmission can have, and it is generally best to just bring your car in to a professional to take a look if you suspect a problem. You can check your car for transmission leaks and inspect your gears for resistance yourself by parking your car and shifting it into drive or reverse. If it is difficult to select a gear, feels like the gears are slipping or shifts hard – it is time for an inspection.

Here are some more details and signs of common transmission troubles:

  1. If it feels like the gears are slipping when you’re driving, a number of items could be the issue, including the ones listed in this article.
  2. If you can’t shift into a lower gear, your transmission could possibly be in a fail safe mode and needs scanned to find transmission problem.
  3. If your car feels like it is shifting hard into a gear, your transmission has a valve body that may have worn out control valve, valves or solenoid. This can be a minor problem if you have it checked early enough, but can develop into a major issue if left unchecked.
  4. If the “Check Engine” light flashes, you should have your car checked as soon as possible, since driving your car while it needs a repair can cause even more damage. If the light is showing merely because of a worn sensor, you will just need to have the sensor replaced.
  5. If your car’s RPMs are increasing without you accelerating, you likely need transmission repair, since the RPM level in your car should be clearly related to your speed. If you’re going a steady 30 mph and the RPM is going up, your clutch may be slipping.

At Thurston County Transmission, we will fix these problems for you. We’ll also check your transmission fluid and ensure that your car’s fluid levels are full, and we will check the fluid’s color and replace it if it is brown or has the wrong smell. When you bring your car in, we will diagnose any problems and repair your transmission as promptly as possible.


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