How You Can Escape Transmission Issues

How You Can Escape Transmission Issues

Tips to help you avoid Ford Escape transmission issues…

Unique makes and models of cars, SUVs, trucks and vans all face unique problems. Transmissions in a Ford Escape, for example, require attention from a certified technician knows his or her way around one these systems.

The valves in these transmissions are made from hard coated aluminum. Valve body casting in these transmissions is very hard, meaning transmission technicians often see the valve bodies wear out at a low mileage.  Some valve bodies will wear out as low as 20,000 miles into use. One solution is to machine and replace the stock valves with a steel valve.

Many Escape transmission issues crop up simply due to lack of attention. This combination of transmission services has been known to help the transmission in a Ford Escape last much longer. You may get 100,000 to 300,000 extra miles of life out of your transmission when combining these services.

Ford Escapes built during 2009 or later rely on transmission solenoid regulator valves that will quickly wear out the bore. Once a bore is worn out, flared or erratic shifting is a common problem. This can lead you transmissions shifting into neutral as you roll to a stop. Unexpected shifts are also a problem if you are going at a high speed when the shift occurs, as this can cause a nasty jolt to your drive train and transmission, especially following an unexpected shift into the reverse gear.

Thurston County Transmission professionals can keep your Ford in good shape. Fixing the root cause of Escape transmission issues is our goal.  Most valve bodies are known to use aluminum valves, meaning that active valves wear out faster. Once a valve wears out, the rest of the transmission will face more expensive problems.

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