Everything You Need To Know About Synthetic Oil

Everything You Need To Know About Synthetic Oil

If you own a foreign vehicle, you need to keep the sensitive mechanical parts of your vehicle in top shape by using synthetic oil. What is synthetic oil and why is it important for you to know? To answer your questions, keep reading.

What is Synthetic Oil?

Synthetic oil is a product created by manufacturers synthetically. Instead of using crude oil, the manufacturers create this lubrication product using modified petroleum. However, some may use different ingredients to create it. If you compare synthetic oil with regular motor oil, you will notice a difference in their texture.

The Benefits of Using Synthetic Oil

The primary benefit you receive for using synthetic oil is that you can go without an oil change for longer durations. Yes, the cost of switching to synthetic oil is costly, but since you do not need frequently oil changes, you actually end up saving money. If you want to preserve the environment, using synthetic oil does that.

They are eco-friendly than regular motor oil. Additionally, the ingredients used to make synthetic oil decrease emissions generated from cars and you use a lot less oil, meaning you will not discard a lot of oil when replacing it with fresh synthetic oil.

What Makes Synthetic Oil Better than Conventional Motor Oil?

Synthetic oil is better to other types of conventional oils in a number of ways. Synthetic oil prevents your car’s engine from overheating and protects the engine for freezing and hot temperatures. Moreover, your car’s engine stays cleaner throughout the year. Its fluid film is also stronger than regular oils.

If you are looking to replace regular motor oil with synthetic oil, you need to visit Thurston County Transmission today! We can offer your vehicle’s engine the protection it needs to function properly. Give us a call today!

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