3 Tips for Fuel Efficient Driving

3 Tips for Fuel Efficient Driving

Fuel efficient driving means BIG savings at the pump

Fuel efficient driving comes down to a few simple tips. Some drivers may not realize that how they drive has an impact on fuel efficiency for their car.

The experts on fuel efficient driving at Thurston County Transmission are here to help! Read on to learn about ways to avoid wasting fuel when you drive.

How much of my fuel efficient driving depends on my vehicle?

Vehicle size, horsepower and more are key factors.

However, it is not just a question of sheer mechanics. Of course a high-powered engine in a performance racing vehicle is designed for frequent high-speed driving, and thus will not get the same fuel efficiency as an economy sedan, for example.

However, when you drive a performance sports car, you are more likely to drive fast and burn fuel than if you are behind the wheel of an economy sedan. Similarly, if you drive a large 4×4 truck, you will probably want to take it off road, where fuel efficiency is a small concern compared to taking on mud, snow or sand.

Vehicle age and condition also matter.

In other words, an old rust bucket that is not very well taken care of is more likely to cost extra at a pump compared to a newer vehicle that has been well maintained. If you suspect that engine components are worn down and causing your fuel efficiency to drop, have a trusted auto mechanic inspect your vehicle.

How much of my fuel efficiency depends on my driving habits?

Smart driving makes all the difference.

If you are an aggressive driver with a need for speed, your fuel efficiency will decrease. Here are three helpful tips to improve efficiency:

  • Try to drive at even speeds whenever possible. Highway miles are more efficient since your car is not accelerating from a stop so often, but rather cruising at a regular pace.
  • Avoid uphill driving, wherever possible. Making a climb means extra acceleration and torque, which requires additional fuel, so take a route with flat roads whenever you can.
  • Master manual shifting patterns. A manual or semi-manual transmission allows the driver more control over gear shifting and acceleration than an automatic, thus making it possible to reduce gas-consuming shifts by an automatic transmission. If you have not yet learned to drive a manual transmission, you might want to in the name of fuel efficient driving.

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