How to Prevent Car Overheating Issues

How to Prevent Car Overheating Issues

Car overheating risks can and ought to be prevented

Car overheating problems happen more often in summer. Now is a great time to get your car ready for the added heat and stress of the sunny season.

Thurston County Transmission has experts on car overheating issues and other general auto repair tips. Be sure to check the blog regularly for more ideas on how to keep your car in safe driving condition!

What are car overheating issues?

Most of the components under your hood are made of metal. Since heat causes metal to expand, certain systems in your vehicle can become unstable when the temp rises outside.

External heat means engine temp rises faster

The cool air of winter means your engine needs antifreeze. Once the summer arrives, your concern should swing in the other direction.

Parking in the sun means a higher resting engine temp

In other words, the action of a cold car in winter getting hotter as you drive is gone. In summer, however, your engine is usually already plenty warm when you turn it on.

How can I prevent car overheating issues?

Park in the shade as often as you can

This helps in two ways. One, it will help your engine cool down after driving a long time. Two, it helps lower the starting temp of your engine. This is a small difference, but it can help if you notice a sudden spike in your engine heat, be sure to park in a cooled area.

Keep your engine coolant level high

It helps to check your coolant levels any time you get your oil changed or take your car to a mechanic. Do not try to check the level if you recently drove. Wait for the engine to cool down first.

Look at the engine temp gauge often

A strange noise or smell can be a sign of overheating. Smoke from under the hood is a definite sign. Before any of these occur, the temp gauge should be the first warning sign that tells you the engine needs some attention.

If you experience severe overheating when you drive, turn on the heat. It will not be very comfortable, but it will divert heat from your engine. Roll down your windows, pull over as soon as you can and let your engine rest.

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