Reengineered Transmissions: Are They Smart?

Reengineered Transmissions: Are They Smart?

What a reengineered transmission can do for you

Reengineered transmission use may be the best answer for your car. It might also cost a lot of money and do no good at all.

This is why Thurston County Transmission is here to answer your questions about reengineering transmissions. If you have a specific question about a transmission for your make, model and year of vehicle, please contact us for the best answer.

What exactly is a reengineered transmission?

At the simplest level, a reengineered transmission refers to a gear shifting system in a vehicle that has been modified from its original state. It can also be called a rebuilt transmission.

It is possible to reengineer transmissions for:

  • Manual
  • Automatic
  • Paddle shift systems

How is a reengineered transmission better than a replacement?

Cost. The best answer when a manual transmission starts to fail and it is more than just the clutch is to replace the entire system. Automatic transmissions become very unreliable if they do not get regular maintenance, and this can lead to the need for a completely new system. Full replacements are expensive, however, and this is why reengineering or rebuilding is a popular choice.

If you do not have a warranty, service plan or other way to cover the cost except out of pocket, you may not be able to pay for a new transmission when you need one.

Are there risks with a reengineered transmission?

As with most rebuilt parts, there is some risk. Some auto repair garages use parts from multiple manufacturers, which can affect performance. You may also run into such issues as:

  • Short term fixes (“jerry rigging”)
  • Cheap replacement components in your transmission that wear out quickly
  • Inexperienced transmission mechanics doing their first transmission service

The reengineered transmission experts at Thurston County Transmission take every effort to use high-quality transmission parts that offer peak performance. Our team is trained to work efficiently so that you stay on the road instead of in the shop, so get in touch if your transmission is acting up!

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