Sending Volkswagen Repair Myths To The Grave!

Sending Volkswagen Repair Myths To The Grave!

A number of Volkswagen myths exist and it is time to put them where they belong — the grave! Most of the myths surrounding the popular vehicle are due to people’s desire to save money. Other times, they are due to misinformation. By believing in these myths, you are only causing damage to your car. Here are a few myths about Volkswagen that have been nagging at us:

Myth #1:  To Prevent Your Warrant from Being Canceled, Take It to the Dealership

You do not have to take your Volkswagen to a dealership for auto repair and maintenance work. In fact, the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act prevents dealerships from compelling people to visit their dealership for all future auto repairs. All you need to do is to ensure the mechanic shop you are taking your car is certified to make repairs on a Volkswagen. The best part is that it will cost less.

Myth #2:  You Can Make DIY Repairs on the Volkswagen

If you are a certified mechanic, you can certainly make DIY repairs on your Volkswagen. Most people who drive a Volkswagen are not mechanics by profession. Even though you can watch videos to attempt repairs yourself, you risk making the issue even worse. Volkswagens are characterized as complex vehicles and one wrong move can lead to a host of other problems springing up.

Myth #3:  Volkswagens Are Expensive to Maintain

Even though there is some truth to this myth, as some parts needs to be imported, there are parts that you can easily find. Most often, the parts that require repairs are the general parts, not the foreign parts. Your cost for repairing and maintaining the Volkswagen vehicle is not as high as you may have perceived it to be.

We have skilled and experienced mechanics, certified to repair and maintain Volkswagens, on our team. Schedule an appointment today!

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