Snap On Verus Transmission Support is Here!

Snap On Verus Transmission Support is Here!

A look at Snap On Verus, the next step in transmission diagnostics and repair…

Transmission Digest Magazine says that the future is in electronic diagnosis on transmissions, including Snap On Verus tools. We agree, and we already have that equipment.

Today’s on-board diagnostic systems can provide a list of diagnostic trouble codes to identify problems. They can even give real-time specialist automatic transmission diagnostic data. Scanning tools have been developed to help interpret this data, and these tools provide accurate information that enables us to perform cost-efficient repairs for our customers. Diagnostic scanning tools help us find and fix faults.

The Snap On Verus is a voltage meter and lapscope, and it is web-based. It allows us to watch a wave form live that represents the voltage of your transmission, which in turn allows us to run comprehensive tests. The web portion allows us to submit codes and receive feedback regarding the diagnosis to get an accurate insight into the performance of your vehicle.

This process helps us identify any faults and make the necessary transmission repairs or fine-tuning. Cutting-edge technology can help you get the best, longest lasting performance out of your vehicle. The Snap On Verus also allows us to create a customer database to save your customer and vehicle records to better help us analyze your vehicle in the future.

Even the most advanced equipment is only as useful as the person operating it, however. At Thurston County Transmission we have made sure that our technicians are well-trained to use the electronic tools, analyze the results, and take the necessary action. You can rest assured that we will quickly identify any problems with your vehicle and repair them in the most efficient manner.

The future of transmission diagnosis is here! Thurston County Transmission is prepared to help with your modern transmission troubles, so contact us today to resolve any car issues that you might be facing on time, every time.

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