What to do About Strange Engine Noises

What to do About Strange Engine Noises

Strange engine noises should be checked out ASAP

Strange engine noises can mean your car has a problem. Minor issues can turn into major repairs if you just keep driving.

At Thurston County Transmission, our auto repair professionals recommend getting strange engine noises diagnosed right away. Here are some noises to listen for.

What strange engine noises indicate a problem?

Some sounds are not a sign of a problem at all. However, the following sounds usually suggest an issue.

Engine revvs up very loud when accelerating

This could be a sign of an old engine wearing down. It might also be a transmission issue, especially if you hear the revving even after you let your foot off of the gas.

Loud whining sound when turning the engine on

If you hear a distinct whine from under the hood, your starter might be having problems. You could also have a timing belt issue, and these can cause your car to stop working all of a sudden if left unchecked.

Crunching sound from under the hood

Metal on metal contact is often lubricated in a car engine. If you hear a crunching sound when you start, stop or turn, that usually means it is time to get your engine fluids checked.

What if a strange engine sound goes away after a few minutes?

Older cars in particular tend to get louder than a new car. Regular maintenance throughout the life of your vehicle will improve the chance that it will operate just fine for hundreds of thousands of miles.

Just because you only hear a strange noise a few times before it goes away does not mean the problem is entirely fixed. A professional engine inspection can lead to major savings if you get the noise checked out before something breaks completely.

Should I stop driving when I hear a strange engine sound?

This depends on the severity of the noise. A slight whine or creak is not a catastrophe. However, a constant thudding or clunking as you drive means it is best to schedule an inspection right away.

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