The Best Transmission Advice You Will Find Anywhere!

The Best Transmission Advice You Will Find Anywhere!

How to find transmission advice you can trust…

If your car suddenly starts to jerk when you put it into gear or starts making a grinding sound, this could be the beginning of a long series of transmission troubles. If you suspect there may be a problem, however minor, now is the time to seek expert transmission advice — before a minor problem turns into an expensive hassle.

Regular care and transmission maintenance is critical to the optimal performance of your transmission and vehicle overall. Checking and correcting the fluid levels is always a good first line of defense, as with most car maintenance issues. For serious transmission related problems, it is prudent to have the transmission inspected by a professional. Automatic transmission replacement may be recommended or required, but 23 percent of our clients in 2009 did not need a transmission overhaul.

Major transmission work should always be done by a certified expert. Even if you are capable of changing the fluids or filters, as well as tightening nuts, bolts or gaskets on your own, big-time repairs or a complete overhaul of your automatic transmission is a job for someone with experience. They will know how to inspect, test, install, run, and declare your vehicle safe and ready for use. Specialist tools and equipment are required to do this properly — hydraulic pressure testers, electronic scanning tools for retrieval of failure codes, many kinds of testing equipment, special jacks, and even hydraulic tables — some of which are extremely heavy.

Transmission fluids should be checked every 6,000 miles or so, roughly every six months. The sooner you have a problem with a transmission checked out, the less it will cost you to fix it.

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  1. Wes edwards

    I don’t have reverse or drive gears I changed the governor solonoid and relays it never slipped or made noise prior to this 99Durango 5.9 2wd

    • Larry Collins

      Please give us a call! Sorry for the delay on the reply!

  2. Wayne

    Is there anyway I can pull my 2013 Toyota Venza, V-6 auto transmission on all 4 wheels. Manual says no, so is there a way to or have a kit to install.

  3. Jasper Whiteside

    My car is so old that I can’t find a new transmission for it. Then, my mechanic suggested rebuilding it. That sounded like a lot of work to me. So glad there are people around who know how to do this difficult work to help people like me who just don’t have the time!

  4. Belynda K

    Need help. 2001 s10 blazer 4wd. Tranny rebuilt top to bottom. Valve body, solenoids,torque converter, pump, transfer case everything. Still have no 3Rd and 4th. Rechecked it thoroughly second time and see nothing out of place or broken. 1,2 and r great but no 3rd and 4th. Everything new please help as i can’t figure it out. Thank you and hope for quick reply as I have no vehicle at all.

  5. Al

    I have a 1992 300SL Benz w/a 722.5 5 speed auto.trans that will not shift into 5th gear at any speed.5th gear (OD) should shift in electronically at around 50 mph.I checked all of the electronics above and everything checks out fine and also there are no codes.When I’m on the highway and I click the shift lever over to manual 4th gear and let up on the gas peddle there is a downshift feeling but the tach goes to where it was when it was (suppose) to be in 5th at the same speed.This indicates to me that there is a signal going down to the trans also.Fluid looks great.Your thoughts and advice may be a very big help.Thanks!


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