Get Answers to your Transmission Questions

Get Answers to your Transmission Questions

Transmission Questions Should be Answered by Auto Professionals

Transmission questions exist for just about every driver. From basics about how a transmission works, to learning about the future of transmission technology, these questions may help you choose the right type of transmission for you.

Thurston County Transmission has been providing expert answers to transmission questions for 25 years. Here are some of the most frequent questions we answer for our customers.

Basic transmission questions

Should I choose an automatic or manual transmission?

This one comes down to you, the individual driver. If you want extra control over your acceleration, improved gas mileage and lower lifelong maintenance costs, then manual is the way to go. However, there is evidence that the cost and fuel efficiency argument in favor of a manual transmission is losing ground.

Driving an automatic in stop-and-start traffic is much simpler, as is driving in hilly areas. Also, consider if a roommate, coworker, significant other, or perhaps your teenage son or daughter, will be driving your car. If they have not mastered using a clutch and gear shift, automatic might be your best bet.

What can I do to avoid costly transmission repairs?

Routine maintenance and smart driving are the best way to avoid the need for major transmission repair or total transmission replacement. In other words, set up a routine maintenance plan with your transmission mechanic, and avoid putting unnecessary stress on your transmission with poor clutch use, excessive shifting, revving the engine and so on.

Other transmission questions

What if I want to replace a transmission?

This is a common transmission question among drivers with older vehicles. In recent decades, transmissions have had a life expectancy around 150,000 miles or more. If you drive a vehicle that has been on the road since the 1980s or before, chances are the original transmission is no longer in the vehicle.

Transmission replacement is a huge job. If you are considering the purchase of an vehicle with known transmission problems, have a trusted auto mechanic examine the vehicle first. The ongoing cost of repairs might end up making the purchase a cost ineffective move.

How much transmission work can I do on my own?

Much like the transmission question about auto vs. manual, this comes down to each individual driver. If you have taken classes and know how to disassemble an engine, get to the transmission and make your own repairs, you will save a lot of money on transmission work over the years.

However, if you have never attempted to replace a certain component or, say, drained transmission fluid and replaced it, then the risk of causing serious damage means the smart choice is to just pay a certified transmission professional for the work.


  1. Mark Barnes

    I have a 1964 chevy g10 van three on the tree what make trans is it

  2. Larry Collins

    Good question, could be a couple possibilities – give us a call!


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