Is your car Getting a Transmission Recall?

Is your car Getting a Transmission Recall?

Transmission recalls happen more often than you might think

Transmission recalls are issued when a manufacturer makes a serious mistake. As with any type of automotive recall, when a driver is told to stop what they are doing and take their car back to the dealership, it is a bit scary for that driver.

Thurston County Transmission is here to help you stay on top of transmission recall news. Read on to make sure you are safe with your current transmission.

Why would a transmission recall be issued?

Most of the time, an automotive recall is issued when a large number of consumer reports come to a manufacturer or to the government about a specific model and year of vehicle. Here are some of the most common causes of a recall:

Errors on the assembly line

This is the most frequent issue. Most manufacturing plants produce hundreds or even thousands of components per day. A machine setting might be slightly off, an assembly worker might drop the ball, or the specs that one plant receives may not jive with the specs at another plant. 

Poor automotive product design

In other words, a specific component of the engine or auto body was just a bad idea. Most major auto manufacturers go through a pretty rigorous approval process before they can take a car to market, but bad design still does happen from time to time.

How common are transmission recalls?

Automotive recalls have been a problem lately, even with the advances in technology among the auto industry. The industry is on track for 30 million vehicles to be recalled in 2014, a record number.

Transmission recalls in particular usually do not start until a few years after a new model goes to market. Defects might take a while to narrow down as a cause for recall, since the transmission is such a complex part of your vehicle.

To check whether your transmission is currently in recall status, check this transmission recall reporting list.


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