Check Out the Future of Transmission Technology and Engineering!

Check Out the Future of Transmission Technology and Engineering!

New transmission technology is on the way…are you ready?

Transmission technology and engineering go through a lot of change. New trends affect the cost, performance and durability of every vehicle on the road.

Keeping up with all of these changes can be challenging. The certified transmission technology and engineering experts at Thurston County Transmission are here to help you stay up to date!

Safer, stronger transmission technology at affordable prices

Kia, a popular low-cost manufacturer, is rolling out a seven-speed transmission in 2015. This new model of transmission will feature a dual clutch system. It will help drivers in automatic transmission vehicles with fuel efficiency, and they are built to last for hundreds of thousands of miles longer then the current generation of auto transmissions.

Foreign transmission technology powers are rising

It is vital to know what is going on in the wide world of auto tech. China went through two years of slow production in the transmission industry, but market research shows that this segment has grown to more than 21 million units sold in 2013.

This will lead to more Chinese transmissions in use. Make sure to research any manufacturer before you buy to avoid major transmission service or replacements soon after purchase. Remember that these makes and models are uncommon on the American market, so you may have a bit of trouble if you need to find an expert on Chinese auto care.

Continuously variable transmission technology gets more popular

A continuously variable transmission has some advantages over an automated manual transmission. With a CVT, a driver can save as much as $2,100 over the vehicle’s life time, according to

The use of CVTs is not new, but several manufacturers are getting rid of the AMT completely. Chevrolet announced that their super fuel efficient Spark will drop the manual in favor of continuously variable transmission technology starting in 2014.

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