Troublesome Transmissions & The Cars We Love

Troublesome Transmissions & The Cars We Love

From our friend Ashley here in town…

“We all have cars that hold a special place in our lives.

For me, I’ll always have a fondness for Volvos. It all started when I learned to drive on an old Volvo sedan. Something about that boxy, tank-like vehicle came to mean “freedom” and “excitement.” Plus the nearly indestructable nature of the vehicle came in handy during my teenage adventures, particularly during those initial run-ins with telephone poles and mailboxes

Now, decades later, I remain devoted to Volvos. One is actually in my garage right now as I write this.

And I’ve learned to cope with the transmission problems that can plague Volvos. Like with many other car problems, the important thing is to fix small problems before they become big, irreversible, expensive problems. Keep an eye out for sluggish shifting, slipping under acceleration, and electrical problems. Many problems can be easily fixed–and Thurston Transmissions is here to help!

The experts at Thurston Transmissions know that certain cars are more likely to develop transmission problems, and we encourage car owners to bring in their vehicles for an accurate diagnosis. Many of our customers get a second estimate from us after dealerships recommend expensive repairs, and often we discover the solution doesn’t have to be the full meal deal. Rather than spend thousands of dollars with transmission repairs you don’t need, meet with us for an accurate diagnosis. We can get you back on the road in less time, for less money. Don’t let troublesome transmissions keep you off the road!

Keep in mind that some beloved cars have extreme transmission issues. Companies have even recalled entire fleets because of widespread transmission failure–like the 2009 recall of Volkswagon-released models that had faulty direct shift gearboxes.

I’m glad that isn’t the case for my car. Every time I start my engine, I know I owe a big thank you to my friends at Thurston Transmission who keep my Volvo running perfectly!”

Thank you Ashley for taking the time to write this, we are happy to help!

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