Truck Transmission Service Tips

Truck Transmission Service Tips

Truck transmission care can make a big difference to your rig and to your wallet

Truck transmission services are essential for these large vehicles. If you rely on a truck to get things done on the job, around the farm or any other place, then you must make sure to schedule routine truck transmission service.

Here are some tips for truck transmission maintenance, repair and replacement.

Truck transmission services tip #1: Keep it healthy

When you eat right and get regular exercise, your body stays healthy. This is the same idea you can apply to taking good care of your truck.

A healthy truck transmission gets these types of exercises, or routine truck transmission maintenance Lacey drivers require:

  • Clutch inspection every 15,000 miles
  • Clutch component replacement as needed
  • Automatic truck transmission services every 60,000 miles

As for making sure your truck eats healthy, be sure that you only take your truck to certified experts. They will only put the correct transmission fluid for your make and model into the truck.

Truck transmission services #2: Work truck services

If you use a truck for professional purposes, the schedule for its transmission maintenance will be more rigorous. This is especially true of any business where the truck must pass inspection before use.

Contractors, miners, timber workers and other fields rely on rigs to get the job done. Thurston County Transmission can provide truck transmission services Lacey business owners require for their whole fleet, so long as you contact us with enough advance notice.

Truck transmission services tip #3: Repairs

Damage to any truck transmission component must be addressed right away. A damaged clutch or a leak along your transmission fluid lines can lead to major damage if left unchecked.

Here are a few signs that it is time to contact the truck transmission repair Lacey experts at Thurston County Transmission:

  • Automatic shifting is clunky
  • Clutch must be pressed all the way in to shift
  • Gear shift sticks often
  • Truck will not go into reverse

Truck transmission services tip #4: Replacement

If you do not keep up with your truck transmission maintenance, or if a repair is out of the question, replacement may be the answer. The best truck transmission replacement Lacey drivers will find comes from Thurston County Transmission at great prices!

The cost of a rebuilt transmission is usually much higher than the cost of repair or maintenance. That is why the truck transmission services experts at Thurston County Transmission recommend paying for a service today, instead of a replacement or rebuild later.

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