Get A Used Car Transmission Inspection!

Get A Used Car Transmission Inspection!

Used car transmission issues must be addressed ASAP

Used car transmission inspections can save you money. You may find out that repairs will cost more than the car itself.

This is why the used car transmission experts at Thurston County Transmission recommend using this check list. Contact us to set up an inspection before you buy!

Are used car transmissions safe?

When you buy a used car, caution is the key. There are honest dealers and private sellers, but there are also some people just trying to sell their head ache of a car.

A test drive will not tell you the whole story. A full inspection by a professional can help you get answers about how long the transmission will actually hold up if you choose to buy the used car.

What will used car transmission inspections cost?

This depends on how thorough of a used car transmission inspection you want.

Used automatic transmissions

  • Can you move the gear shift handle out of park without it sticking?
  • Are there any loud noises as you shift into reverse, drive or park?
  • Do the gear indicator lights on the dash all work?
  • If there is an overdrive off switch, does it work?
  • Does the car shake when it is idling?
  • When driving, does the vehicle buck as it shifts?
  • Does the engine rev up or red line before it shifts?

Used manual transmissions

  • Before turning the vehicle on, can you easily shift between each gear?
  • Does the clutch stick when you press it in or let it out?
  • Is there a delay when you shift in or out of reverse?
  • Do the gears grind, no matter how smoothly you shift?
  • Does the engine cut off when you idle?

These questions can help you identify problems during a test drive. Since transmission work is often expensive, it might be better to pay a small fee for an inspection before you buy the used car, rather than rolling the dice and getting stuck with a big repair bill after you buy.

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