5 Vehicle Maintenance Services Every Driver Should Know

5 Vehicle Maintenance Services Every Driver Should Know

Vehicle maintenance goes a long way

Vehicle maintenance is a part of driving. Just like a good exercise plan can benefit your body, taking good care of your car is a way to save money.

Here are five tips from the experts on vehicle maintenance Lacey and Olympia drivers can trust from the experts at Thurston County Transmission!

Why do I need vehicle maintenance services?

Vehicle maintenance helps reduce wear and tear

In other words, these services mean you are not as likely to end up with permanent damage to the various systems of your vehicle. Certain components under your hood will have to be replaced once they wear down. These replacements are usually much more expensive than basic maintenance.

Routine automotive maintenance will lessen the risk of unexpected failures

That’s right, a little maintenance today means a better chance of your car starting tomorrow. You will also lower the chances of a collision due to brake failure, engine failure or transmission failure. Since these failures usually result in major auto repair, it is best to get routine inspections and tune-ups.

5 essential vehicle maintenance services

Get your oil changed every 3 months or 3,000 to 5,000 miles

This is a pretty basic auto service. It is very affordable, and most mechanics will put a sticker in your windshield to remind you of the next required change.

Service your clutch or automatic transmission on a regular basis

Check the owner’s manual for your car, SUV, truck or other vehicle. Most automatic transmissions require a service every 60,000 miles, while each manual transmission will vary.

Get your brake pads changed every 20,000 miles

This will vary with driver behavior and vehicle type. For example, pads will wear out quicker in a work truck that goes up and down a lot of hills than in a compact car that is mostly driven on flat highways.

Schedule an annual alignment and suspension inspection

Once your suspension system components wear down, there is little to do but replace them. Regular maintenance can coax a lot more life out of your suspension.

Check your onboard electronics every six months

An engine diagnostic service can catch several small issues that might someday become major problems. This quick and affordable service is a cornerstone of smart auto maintenance.

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