How to Winterize your Engine

How to Winterize your Engine

Winterize your engine to stay on the road in cold months

Winterize your engine to stay safe. You have probably heard this phrase before. But do you know what it means?

Thurston County Transmission is here to help winterize engines Lacey and Olympia drivers rely on all through the cold months. Read on to keep your engine in great winter driving shape.

What does it mean to winterize your engine?

This refers to taking basic maintenance and preparation steps for your engine. Freezing temperatures in the Pacific Northwest mean drivers must plan ahead if they expect to drive in winter.

Any time you leave an engine off overnight in freezing temps, you may experience difficulties getting it to start the next morning. If you winterize your engine, this risk goes way down.

What can you do to winterize your engine by yourself?

If you have a good grasp of auto maintenance, you can probably handle these steps:

  • Make sure you put antifreeze in the radiator
  • Use W-rated oil (15W, 30W, etc.) that is designed for cold starts
  • Check that your oil levels are high
  • Top off the windshield wiper fluid

Can a mechanic do other things to winterize your engine?

Absolutely. You might not have the tools on hand for the following winter engine maintenance:

  • Use a voltmeter to check your battery power
  • Tighten all belts and hoses under the hood
  • Make sure all ducts and vents are fully sealed
  • Make sure the four wheel drive engages properly

Winterizing engines is a form of preventative maintenance. In other words, you are taking steps to prevent a catastrophe. Here are some risks you cut down by winterizing any engine:

  • Engine will not start
  • Engine suddenly shuts off
  • Liquid freezes under the hood

If you suspect that any part of your engine is performing below standard in winter, contact a mechanic right away. A little maintenance or minor repair now usually spares the cost of a major replacement or repair later.

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